1960 presedential election

Nixon named Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge as his running mate to attack Kennedy in his region of greatest strength. Regardless of the outcome, the United States would for the first time have a leader born in the 20th century.

United States presidential election, 1960

Richard Nixon won more individual states than Kennedy, but it was Kennedy who prevailed by winning key states with many electoral votes. He pledged a solid commitment to separation of church and state. The Democratic newcomer was John F. A provision of the Federal Communications Act had been suspended by Congress earlier in the year to permit the networks to broadcast the debates without having to provide equal time for candidates of minor parties.

In the week before the convention opened, Kennedy received two new challengers when Lyndon B. Hide Caption 7 of 19 Photos: Kennedy first challenged Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey in the Wisconsin primary and defeated him.

Don said that in the end, Kennedy triumphed due to appearances: The forums' wide exposure and impact on the election made them perhaps the most renowned political debates sincewhen U. Kennedy had spent time relaxing in Florida while Richard Nixon maintained a hectic campaign schedule.

Age was not the only factor in the election. Kennedy, "looking tan and fit Arrived at the studio, banged his knee when he got out of the car, was in pain, looked green, sallow, needed a shave.

Kennedywho hated Johnson for his attacks on the Kennedy family, and who favored labor leader Walter Reuther[14] later said that his brother offered the position to Johnson as a courtesy and did not predict him to accept it.

Both emphasized national security, the threat of communism, the need to strengthen the U. Nixon made a speech to the Carpenters Union that day in Chicago -- thought this was just another campaign appearance that night -- was ill.

The Katers rigged up a tape recorder to pick up the sounds of the couple's lovemaking and snapped a picture of Kennedy himself. Scenes from the Democratic Party primary elections, which U.

Reddit Flipboard If you were watching television on the night of Sept. Douglas of Illinois for president. Kennedy won the nomination on the first ballot. The first televised debate of was held in West Virginia, and Kennedy outperformed Humphrey.

To mollify these concerns, Kennedy addressed a group of Protestant ministers. The Democratic newcomer was John F. Kennedy then surprised most of his supporters by picking Johnson as his vice presidential running mate. Caro's research showed that on July 14, Kennedy started the process while Johnson was still asleep.

Kennedy was from a wealthy background and graduated from Harvard University. Take a look back at the couple that embodied the image of a perfect family.

As vice president, Nixon presided over the Senate. The election was held on Tuesday, November 6. Several key states seemed to shift toward Nixon, and by Election Day pollsters were declaring the election a toss-up.

On November 8,John F. Kennedy was elected president in one of the closest elections in U.S. history. The United States presidential election of marked the end of Dwight D.

Eisenhower's two terms as President. Eisenhower's Vice President, Richard Nixon, who had transformed his office into a national political base, was the Republican candidate, whereas the Democrats nominated Massachusetts.

Election Notes: In Mississippi, the eight Unpledged Electors voted for Harry Byrd (President) and Strom Thurmond (Vice President). In Oklahoma, one Nixon Elector cast his vote for Harry Byrd (President) and Barry Goldwater (Vice President).

1960: First televised presidential debate

Feb 29,  · Can you imagine when presidential debates were only on the radio or in person? That's how it was before the first TV debates between Kennedy and Nixon. Vice-Presidential Succession: Kennedy was assassinated on November 22,replaced by Lyndon B. Johnson Nixon won Oklahoma; however one Elector cast a vote for Byrd Byrd was not on the ballot.

Debates. There were four presidential debates and no vice presidential debates during the general election. Courtesy of ABC News© GO TO: September 26, October 7, October 13, October 21, General Election Presidential Debate.

1960 presedential election
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The Kennedy-Nixon Debates - HISTORY