Communication flow in an organization

But formal channels operate with some limitations. All organizations have to maintain cordial relationships with government agencies, licensing authorities, suppliers of raw materials, ancillary industries and financial institutions. When workers share information and brainstorm solutions to problems, things run more smoothly and outcomes improve.

A transparent administration policy, employee-friendly attitude, fruitful peer group meetings, inter-action sessions, parties and outings where all those connected with the organisation participate are some of the strategies to monitor grapevine and use it to the advantage of the organization.

The Need and the Benefits Sometimes top executives come to grips with basic practical viewpoints which, when carefully articulated, can help all of us. How can an organization cope with an information overload situation.

Written downward communication involves the use of memorandums, letters, handbooks, pamphlets, policy statements, procedures, and electronic news displays.

Kinds (Types) of Communication employed by Business Organisations

These subjects often share the floor with discussions of TV shows, sports news, politics, and gossip. Grapevine channel distorts or exaggerates the content of a message.

Example — The government could get the press to publish news in the local paper that there is going to be a petrol price hike soon, just to test the reactions of the general public.

As the flow gets closer to the ocean there may be intermittent side channels that run to the sea causing confusion on the part of the customer who then does not know where or when to receive the product or service. If the reaction is negative, then the news may be withdrawn on the basis that it is just a rumor.

Downward communication has its own shortcomings, if it is not complemented by other directional communications. To counteract possible interference in the communication channel, the message should attract attention, contain redundancy, continue repetition, or use a combination of these approaches.

This can hamper the communication process. Another example is employee reviews. Inter departmental communication is also horizontal communication.

Communication Flows in an Organization

Regular downward communication also creates a climate of transparency or openness, where information is passed on through official channels, rather than through rumors. The free flow of information within an organization is an ideal to be achieved.

The responsibility for creating a free flow of upward communication rests to a great extent with superiors. When the information received far exceeds that required, the recipients cannot give proper attention to what is really needed.

Formal communication also flows upward through the organization on the same basis. Formal communication normally encompasses the transmittal of goals, policies, instructions, memoranda, and reports; scheduled meetings; and supervisory-subordinate interviews. Communication is the key factor in the success of any organization.

When it comes to effective communication, there are certain barriers that every organization faces. People often feel that communication is as easy and simple as it sounds.

Downward: Communication that flows from one level of a group or organization to a lower level is downward communication. When we think of managers communicating with employees, the downward pattern is the one we are usually thinking of. An organizational chart shows the internal structure of an organization or company.

''How Can Communication Affect the Flow of Work in an Organization

The employees and positions are represented by boxes or other shapes, sometimes including photos, contact information, email and page links, icons and illustrations. Communication flow from people at higher levels to those at lower levels in the organizational hierarchy is referred to as downward communication.

Generally, the communication flow in organizations with an authoritarian leadership is. Communication to create a community within organizations shows in for instance high commitment to the organization of the employees, in trust of employees with management and in organizational identification (Elving, ).

Communication flow in an organization
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Communication Flow in the Organisation